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I Make Worlds

There are no dragons, no sea monsters, no long-lost-lands on Google's Earth. So, I make worlds from my daydreams. Combining anthropology, astronomy, climatology, geology, and graphic arts with my mastery in making-stuff-up, I ask and answer: what if?


This is Ekra, a semi-tropical island whose orcish and elven inhabitants are going through troubling times. The old high king is dead. A magic meteor crashed into the imperial city, obliterating it and the old order—as well as bringing magic to the world.

Now lords and ladies across Ekra scheme, squabble, and stab each other to see who will reign. However, few are paying attention to the magic-fueled populist revolution fomenting among the teeming goblin underclass.


This is for a sci-fi game I created called Into the Infinite. Some (incredibly nerdy) friends and I play it via email. Yes. Email. I said we are incredibly nerdy.

Each epoch introduces new rules and mechanics; it's a complicated game for turbo-nerds. Epoch I begins with a blank hex map of space. Acting as omnipotent cosmic deities we fill it up with stars, planets, nebula, and other space-stuff. Epoch II sees us seed the world with life and nurture civilizations. Epoch III those civilizations wage brutal wars.

This map is during Epoch I. We've been playing off-and-on since 2012.


My pride and joy, Oros. I've been working on it for the past few months. Those crazy colors do mean something: I finally got the climate zones (adhere to the köppen classifications) in a place that is "accurate." Currently drawing up my own map symbols, turning them into brushes, and individually placing them because it’s kind of zen.

This world has my most elaborate history yet. It begins with the collapse of humanity's interstellar civilization; follows the several apocalypses colonists and their descendants endure; then explores the civilizations built on the half-forgotten memories of people who once achieved much, much more.