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Board Games

I Love Board Games

And I speak the language of meeples. As a child I glued computer paper onto monopoly boards to make my own games. These days I keep a binder full of ideas, and occasionally convince my (very talented) friends to help give them life.


GroupThink is a dystopian fake trivia game. Each round one state-approved question and four answers are drawn. Players must choose the same answer, establishing a majority, or be guilty of Individual Thought. Answering in concert achieves GroupThink, amasses followers, and brings players one step closer to controlling The City.


Designers: Sailee Gupte, Ariana Safari, Matthew Yakob, Danielle Ciccolo


Roommate Wanted is a party board game. Players compete to see who is the best (or worst) roommate by answering questions, acting out scenes, and generally making fools of themselves. The winner is no one because living alone is better.


Designer: Amberylnn Pope


Campions is an educational board game for ages 10 and up. Players race to the mess hall, stopping along to way to pick berries, set up tents, and flee from the occasional bear. Every card is informational (and painstakingly researched) so kids come away knowing nature's nonsense.


Designer: Tayllor Battle